Ammorah is a kingdom of three, three expanses of land, three peoples, and three Kings. 200 years ago this kingdom was united. King Leonus the Elder reigned over Ammorah and by all accounts was a strong, intelligent, and kind King. Unfortunately, King Leonus had three sons. Instead of choosing the elder son, as most monarchs do, in what some see as a glaring error in his otherwise flawless reign, he split Ammorah into three Kingdoms. King Leonus gave equal land, title, and power to all three sons. Three months out of each year, the Kings and their court meet in Ammor, the Central city in Ammorah, to discuss and debate issues that affect all three Kingdoms. At first, this body was amicable, setting up laws for common defense, common land rights, and common taxes to pay for roads and infrastructure. In the last 150 years, however, the ties between the Kingdoms have faded, and the Monarchy has split into separate lines, diluting the common familial ancestry that held the Three together. More common, now, three months out of every year the meeting in Ammor breaks down into petty infighting about taxes, land disputes, and even who has the bigger, most elaborate chair at the meeting. Suffice it to say, the government is slowly falling apart, and some say, one kingdom or other is going to make a move to unite the Kingdom of Ammorah soon.

We Three Kings

Zaran Korjik