Small and Sneaky with an unknown past...


Allanna’s earliest memories are in Madame Gerran’s Orphanage in one of the more run down sections of Ammorah. Madame Gerran was not a good person, only seeing the orphans as a way to get money from the city, and cared little and spent less on the children.

Life was hard, but Allanna realized quite quickly that she was much older than all the humans she was with took her for. By the time she was in her teens, she was a scout for the thieves’ guild, using the disguise as a little human girl to escape notice. By the time she was kicked out of the orphanage at age 18, she was working with a small crew of thieves, doing second-storey work and pick pocketing. Her apparent age of about 12 or so, to human eyes, allowed her to escape some of the scrutiny that normally haunted thieves.

She spent the next six years like this, living a life of lower-class affluence, namely a roof and steady supply of food. Things changed when a new thief betrayed Allanna’s little band to the guard, and pointed out that Allanna wasn’t as young as she looked. The capture was quick and brutal, with two of her friends killed by the guard. She was then dragged in front of a magistrate to face the charges against her.

Luckily for Allanna, the magistrate was familiar with elves, and knew that this girl in front of him was still a juvenile. He gave the girl a choice, either serve the guard, or spend 10 years in the city jail at hard labor. Allanna knew that this would mean a virtual death sentence is she chose the jail, so she enlisted into the city guard.

At first, the guard trainers didn’t really know what to do with her, but started her on scouting training, figuring ‘hey, she’s an elf. She must be good in the woods.’ At first she was terrified of the forests, never having been outside the city before, but a priest of Sehanine showed her the wonders of nature, and she has never looked back. She even surprised the trainers when she turned out to be quite proficient with the longbow, despite the bow being several inches taller than she is.

Completing training, Allanna became a scout for the city guard, patrolling the lands around Ammorah, finding slavers and bandits and the occasional ‘lost’ patrol from one of the neighboring kingdoms. It was a good life that she enjoyed, but she always had trouble relating to newer troops, and never took it well when one of her friends either mustered out or was promoted. She was also limited in her opportunities for advancement, since she enlisted to escape prosecution.

About four years before the present, she was part of a team that killed a group of slavers that passed through Ammorah’s territory. One of the slaves was a young woman of immense size, one of the barbarians from the north known as Goliaths. She had no where to go, so Allanna suggested she become part of her scouting group. Allanna knows quite well what it is to be alone and unique, and saw sort of a kindred spirit in the huge barbarian.

The two became fast friends, and were a good team on scouting missions. Another four years passed, at the end of which the last of the soldiers that had joined with Allanna retired. Having never liked the new commander of her unit, Allanna retired from service to the city. Laniai, her barbarian friend, decided to accompany Allanna on to the next adventure.

Allanna is now 44 years old, and now an adult even in elven terms. She still has a bit of a larcenous streak, but realizes that there are better ways to support ones self. After leaving the guard, she looked up an acquaintance still in the guard who was looking for ‘private contractors.’ Gwen teamed up Allanna and Laniai with a pair of sisters who were looking for the same sort of work for their own reasons.


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