We Three Kings

Paint Your Wagon....With Blood

Captain Braidy shows up at the outpost with 300 calvary under his command. He thanks the party for disabling the Em’ialian Army and has a plan that he would like the party to listen to. He will attack the confused Army on their flanks while the pary disrupts their supply lines in the rear.

Captain Braidy renegotiated with the party to have them help execute his plan. It took a little coersion and a little money but the party agreed to the plan. The supply lines were following the path laid down by the invading army through the forest. This made them easy to find and track. The party laid down a tree accross the path to hinder the wagons set up an ambush and attacked. All in all they captured 4 prisoners, 8 wagons, and tons of supplies. This action, coupled with the attack of Captain Braidy’s calvary disrupted the Em’ialians to a point where seige of the city of Ammor was impossible. The Em’ialian Army routed, the surviving men turned and made haste back to the border.

The Northern front, however, didn’t fair as well and the Plainsmen will be knocking on the city gates within the next few days. Captain Braidy notifies the party that if they want to get the stolen supplies (and the gold for them) back to Ammor they need to move now, he will be setting up a flanking action with the remnants of his Calvarly when the Plainsmen reach the city walls. The party makes it back to Ammor just in time, and in an audience with the Warden recieve their reward and information that an oracle might be able to tell Bee and Butterfly who was responsible for their parents untimely deaths. The party decides to go to the oracle and find the first piece of the puzzle in discovering the murderer of Bee’s and Butterfly’s family.

The Warden gives the party directions, thanks them for their help, and title of Defenders of Ammor. These titles do not hold any right to compensation or land, but garners them a modicum of respect from Ammorians and the Government. It also grants them right to wear the crest of the city on sheilds and the blue and white cloak of the Defenders. The title is signified by a cloak clasp of silver in the shape of a curled dragon. This clasp can also be hooked on a belt, as is custom for persons with many titles to wear their multiple badges of honor.

New Beginnings

As Bee and Butterfly make their way into Ammor they encounter Gwenn D’Arc, Ammorian captain and friend of their mothers. They are offered a job to scout the eastern border of Em’ial to look for signs of the Em’ialian Army on the move. They are paired with Allana and Laniai both retired veterans of the Ammorian Guards who come out of retirement to help with the turmoil going on in the city.

With Gwen in the lead, the group makes it’s way to the eastern most tower to relieve the current ocupants and start their time at the border. Once there, they interrupt a Em’ialian raiding party in the middle of murdering the inhabitants of the outpost. The group springs into action and dispatch the Em’ialians. One of the guards is still alive so the group heals him and sends him back to the city to report to the Warden.

Tracking the movements of the raiding party, they discover markings on the trees in the forest that point in the general direction of the city. They determine that the markings are to make it easier for the army to find their way to the city by night, and decide to follow the trail deeper into the forest. They come upon the group making the marks and take them out, finding the luminescent paint they were using to mark the path, they decide to re-route the army to confuse them.

Now they are waiting for word from the city in the outpost, hoping that they will send some much needed reinforcements.


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